Welcome to Redbone Hunting Preserve!

Here you will find all the information you will need about Redbone Hunting Preserve, located in Barnesville, GA, just an hour south of Atlanta. Redbone Hunting Preserve is known for great hunts and good times. This is our 52nd year of dove/quail hunting! Feel free to browse around, and if you have any questions, give us a call at 770-358-1891.

Redbone Farms Hunting Preserve 2017 Dove/Quail Shoots

We provide organized dove shoots as well as both guided and unguided quail hunts. We have some the finest quail guides and well trained quail dogs in the business! Our Quail season legally opens on October 1 and goes through March 31 but we do not open or Quail season until November 1 due to weather and vegetation. Normally, October is usually too warm for quail hunting and the vegetation is too thick, until we have a killing frost.

Our 2017 dove season opens Saturday, September 2. We have scheduled shoots on the following Saturdays:

2017 Scheduled Shoots at Redbone

  • September 2nd, 9th & 16th
  • October 14th & 28th*
  • November 25th
  • December 23rd & 30th
*Our annual wild game supper will follow the shoot on October 28th

The Lord has blessed us with ample rainfall this growing season. We already have an abundance of millet maturing in several big fields. We may have one or two bonus hunts in January, especially if there appears to be a good chance of having a large number of doves.

We will have an opening day chicken barbecue and will start serving around 12 o’clock noon.

The start of dove season always starts with a delicious BBQ chicken dinner at the barn.

It is imperative that you review our basic gun safety rules and sign our release of liability each time prior to going to the dove fields. We do our best to enforce gun safety. Please report any unsafe shooting activity, especially any hunter shooting at low flying birds (under a 45 degree angle).

We sell season passes only for our dove shoots. We do not take hunters on a daily basis or one day pass basis. A guest will require a season pass.

We will start signing hunters in at noon and will continue to sign-in up to 3:00 PM. Generally, we take people to our fields starting about 1:00 PM even though it is approximately 4:00 PM or later before birds start to fly on especially hot days.

On opening day we’ll feed our hunters barbecued chicken or barbecued pork starting about 12 o’clock noon.

Master cookers prepare the BBQ chicken for the hungry dove hunters.

On Saturday, October 28th, we celebrate the end of the early portion of our dove season. Hopefully, we’re celebrating a bountiful season. We’ll have a wild game supper with barbecued quail, duck, venison and whatever other hunters contribute. We solicit contributions of wild game, especially doves. Please have your spouse, significant other and your children meet at the barn about 6PM for an evening of delicious food, good fellowship, live music and a big bonfire. We invite you to enjoy an evening of wholesome fun for the whole family.

Finally, Redbone Hunting Preserve has a sister company, Little Tobesofkee Creek Ranch, that markets 10 acre home sites. We even have one 49 acre tract. We have plenty of areas to hike, ride horses, and to fish. We also have a well-maintained airstrip. We’re trying to promote gracious country living that’s pretty convenient to the big city.

We love showing our property. Call to arrange a tour or ask us to provide you with information.

Now get ready for a big dove/quail season!

Happy Hunting,

Floyd & Fred Moye
And all the rest of
the gang at Redbone