We started offering guided and non-guided quail hunts to the general public in 1965 (54 years ago!). As a licensed commercial shooting preserve we must continually restock or replace birds shot or lost to predators. We are very pleased with the exceptionally strong flying birds that we are liberating now. Many of our customers comment on what strong flying birds we have. Several hunters that have frequented other preserves have told us that ours are the best they have encountered.

One of our new quail hunters with a very young wire haired pointer recently left this message on our telephone voicemail:

Floyd, just wanted to call and tell you how much fun I had; that was an absolute ball. Maggie worked like a champ. I promise you I’ll be back. I got 6 of 10 with the little 28. Feel good about it too! Floyd, I flushed 2 coveys and I’ll tell you, there must have been 10-12 birds in each of them. They flew wild! They looked good. I guarantee you I’ll be back and bring my son. He’ll love it. Wonderful to meet you!

Claude “Shorty” Smith, the little man with the big personality, continues to guide with a four-wheeler. A crippling accident did little to slow him down. A great guide with his own excellent dogs continues to be in much demands. His grandson, “Bo”, inherited Shorty’s great love for quail hunting and does a super job of guiding.

Guided Quail Hunts

Half Day Full Day
First hunt of the season $300 each $550 each
Additional hunts (same season) Less 10% Less 10%

Half day hunts can be conducted in either the morning or the afternoon with full day hunts lasting the majority of the day. Full day hunts include a noon meal.

Unguided Quail Hunts - Dog Owners Special

For those hunters with their own dogs, we charge $50 for a half day hunt ($75 for morning and afternoon) plus $10 per bird released, and we require that you purchase a minimum of 10 birds per hunter per half day and a minimum of 20 birds if hunting both AM and PM.

Super Over-Nite Accommodations with One of the World’s Great Cooks

We are more than delighted to recommend to our hunters that they stay at the Bunn Ranch next door to Redbone. Carey and Paulette Bunn have meticulously restored a fine old southern home plus a two-story bunkhouse. They didn’t invent southern hospitality, but they sure perpetuate it. $175 per person which includes breakfast, lunch and a fabulous dinner.

2020 Dove Season - Season Pass Only

This year we will host 10 dove shoots throughout the dove season. All shoots will be on Saturday afternoons. For many years we’ve opened our season with a barbecue luncheon. One of the real highlights of the season is our wild game supper. We always encourage our hunters to have their spouse (and/or significant other) and children meet at our barn following the shoot and enjoy a feast of wild game (especially doves), live musical entertainment, a big bonfire, and great fellowship.

Season Pass Rates

Season Pass - paid by January 31, 2020 $600
Season Pass - paid by May 31, 2020 $625
Season Pass - after May 31, 2020 $650

Special Loyalty Discount for Previous Season Pass Holders

We honor the loyalty that many of you have shown to our hunting club and would like to show our appreciation.

If you were a pass holder in 1 of the previous 3 seasons, you will receive a $25.00 discount.

If you have been a pass holder in any 2 of the last 3 seasons, you will receive a $50.00 discount.

Loyalty discounts apply to all season pass rates above, so for example if you have held a season pass in 2 of the past 3 seasons and purchase your Season Pass prior to January 31, your final cost would be $600.00 less $50.00 = $550.00 ($55 per shoot based on 10 shoots for the season).

2020 Application for Dove Shoot Pass